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new garden beds for 2012

This past fall, we put in two new, bigger, better garden beds along the side of our house!  The one bed we had the previous year got so much sun that many plants dried out and didn’t do as well.  With the addition of the new beds in places with varied sunlight, I’m hoping to be able to accommodate a larger variety of yummy veggies!

Building beds is hard work when you live in a subdivision with abysmal soil :P  But we prevailed!

My sister Hannah showing me the sod-square-flipping ropes :)

The process…
1) cut the sod in the proposed bed in to 1×1 foot squares
2) flip said squares over so the grass is buried and the soil and roots are exposed
3) cover flipped soil with about a foot of manure
4) cover manure with a few inches of top soil
5) cover the finished beds with black insulation plastic, weighted down on the sides and let the beds sit over the winter

I can’t wait to start planning what’s getting planted where – eeeeek!  I’m garden-nerding-out over here!

2 comments on “new garden beds for 2012

  1. creativenaturals
    February 4, 2012

    Boy, If I didn’t kow better your back yard looks like my former yard in Tennessee

    • everydayspectechols
      February 4, 2012

      Tennessee huh? Never would have thought that Montana looked like Tennessee – go figure :)

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