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and the seed winners are…

Seed order placed – CHECK!  Thank you Fisher’s Seed Co in Belgrade, MT!

This is what will hopefully be growing in the Echols’ family garden this summer…. (drumroll)….

Sunniest Bed:
Tomatoes – Rocky Mountain Hybrid and Earliest Paste
Onions – Evergreen Bunching
Summer Squash – Early Prolific Straightneck  and Jackpot Hybrid Zucchini
Peppers – Cal Wonder 300, Early Jalapeno, and Thai Chilis
Sunflowers – Mammoth Russians

Semi-Sunny Bed:
Carrots – Danvers Half Long
Radishes – Hailstone
Corn – Early Sunglow
Beans – Bush Blue Lake and Goldkist
Watermelon – Sugar Baby

Shadiest Bed:
Parsnips – Hollow Crown
Lettuce and Spinach (assorted left-over seeds from last year)
Pumpkins – Northern Gold
Winter Squash – Mountaineer

I can’t wait to get some tomato, pepper, and squash starts going with the set-up scheme I have in mind – stay tuned!

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