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meal plan #3

Huzzah it’s a Meal Plan Monday!  Meal plan #3 is ready to view on the week-at-a-time meal plan page.

This is a great meal plan to transition in to Spring – it’s still cold enough outside that you want to be eating on the heartier side of things BUT springtime veggies like asparagus and broccoli fit right in :)

Week-at-a-time Meal Plan #3

oven cornbread pot pie

pad thai

potato lentil soup with apples
whole wheat french bread

(feel free to pick the week night that works best for you… we pick the busiest night)

fettuccine with veggies in a bechamel sauce

hearty broccoli potato soup
beany minestrone
whole wheat french bread left-overs from Wednesday

2 comments on “meal plan #3

  1. That cornbread pot pie sounds delish! I never thought to make it with anything other than regular pie crust. Sadly, I never make it because I detest preparing the pie crust, but now I have no excuse ;)

    • everydayspectechols
      March 26, 2012

      The no-pie-crust aspect is oh so convenient :) Not that I’ll never make a regular chicken pot pie again, but knowing that I have options for the crust takes a huge load off my shoulders prep-wise :P Enjoy!

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