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egg me ;)

I think if I had the time and energy to dye eggs year round, I would.  Come on, what’s more refreshing then a bevy of colorful eggs when you open a carton?  Not that normal eggs aren’t great in and of themselves, but who wants white when you can have a rainbow?!?! …. and I mean that in the least racist way possible :P haha

So here’s to Easter and here’s to EGGS!

Since I don’t hard-boil my eggs when I dye them (you can only eat so many hard-boiled eggs if you know what I mean), I now have a fridge-full of colorful eggs just waiting to be cracked :)  Here are some of my favorite, all-meal, egg-centered recipes from everyday spectechols…

and beyond…
Breakfast Casserole
– Spanish Tortillas for example THIS
– Bread Puddings such as THIS ONE or THAT ONE
– Or one of my favorite desserts – Zabaglione

Happy egging and HAPPY EASTER WEEKEND EVERYONE!  He is Risen!


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