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seasonal produce

Want to know what’s in season when?  Going down to your local Farmer’s Market/ signing-up with a down-the-road CSA is obviously the best option for finding out what is in season in your specific area, but I’ve also included some helpful, general lists for those among us who still shop primarily at the good ole grocery store :)

Click on these links to see what produce is generally in season in the…

Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter

If you’d like to be more area specific, here are some great resources to help you discover what’s in season in your home town and where you can buy locally grown produce…

Field to Plate – Seasonal Lookup Guide by Region

Local Harvest – Local Family Farms and CSAs

Wondering why it’s important to keep seasonality and locality in mind?

– You get to eat ultra-fresh food!

– Fewer resources are spent in food-transport.

– The food tastes better, has few-to-no preservatives (why are they needed if the food doesn’t have to travel very far?), and you get the maximum nutritional benefits from the food you eat.

– Exposure to new vegetables and new ways of cooking.  Local produce isn’t always “typical” produce – what grows well in one region can be very different from what grows in another AND THAT’S AWESOME because…

– It allows farmers to develop diverse varieties of vegetables!  Why that’s good is because, for example, if a certain pest decimates one specific type of tomato, the loss is only in one area and not nation or world-wide.  Variety makes our food-chains stronger!

– Interestingly enough, people have found that kids typically favor food from “their” farm – even veggies they’ve never been known to eat.  We are “programed” to eat what grows around us.  Why fight it if it means fewer food-fights with the peanuts in your house :)


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