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week-at-a-time meal plans

Our family food values…
minimal meat – as many veggies as we can cram in – affordable – flexible – sustainable – left-overs to share!

Confession – I am a recovering weekly meal plan HATER!  The task of trying to figure out in advance exactly what I would be in the mood to eat for the next week seemed so silly!  What if I wasn’t hankering for Mexican on the night I scheduled fajitas?  What if I decided to invite friends over for dinner at the last minute and what I was planning to make didn’t work with their dietary requirements?  What if I just didn’t feel like cooking that night? …what if I turned in to my mother-in-law?!?!

Eventually, however, a few changes took place – my husband and I started getting serious about living a more financially conservative lifestyle (no more eating out!), having a baby made my female role models’ choices make more sense (why ignore the wisdom of those that have been-there-done-that like my fabulous and frugal mother-in-law?), I stopped feeling hemmed in by being a little more orderly in how I eat (ugh for self-discipline), and I became dedicated to promoting good eating habits for my family!

And thus I was converted.  Meal plans mean I can go to the store once a week, manage our food budget more easily, and prep in advance for meals so I know what’s coming and can plan accordingly :)  Best of all, it makes it much easier to make healthy choices if you are intentional about designing menus that meet all your family food values!  No more last minute, “Let’s see what’s in the pantry and eat it regardless of how good it is for us.”  Now we know what we should eat because it’s been thought out in advance.

The links below are meal plans I’ve assembled (with links to recipes!) that work great for our family.  Hope these will inspire and empower you to be a meal plan convert as well :)

Week-at-a-time Meal Plan #1

(Quick peek at the menu – veggie lasagna, french onion soup, black bean tortilla casserole, potato and veggie “not clam” chowder, and basic stir-fry)

Week-at-a-time Meal Plan #2

(Quick peek at the menu – pad thai, curried butternut squash soup with caramelized onions, crockpot chicken santa fe, calzones OR spinach pesto pizza, spinach lentil soup)

Week-at-a-time Meal Plan #3

(Quick peek at the menu – oven cornbread pot pie, pad thai, potato lentil soup with apples, fettuccine with veggies in a bechamel sauce, hearty broccoli potato soup OR beany minestrone)


3 comments on “week-at-a-time meal plans

  1. sara echols
    March 7, 2012

    So proud you are trying meal planning! Want to encourage you in trying this, way to go. You’ll find it easier in the summer when the garden is producing like gangbusters.

    • everydayspectechols
      March 7, 2012

      My fabulous and frugal MIL ladies and gentlemen :) Thanks Sara! You’re rubbing off on me :)

  2. Marilyn Bailey
    March 14, 2012

    For St. Patrick’s Day, corn beef & cabbage is a favorite of many of the Irish. I’ve made crockpot corn beef, super tender after cooking all day on low, with cabbage placed on top for the last hour. Just an idea…

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